Living with progeria

Getting very old at a very early age. This is what progeria is about. This genetic disorder has many forms — the most classic of which is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome — and is caused by a mutation in the gene called LMNA, responsible for the production of Lamin A, one of the main component of the cell nuclear structure. There is no cure for it. Children with progeria have a very short life expectancy and usually die from complications of atherosclerosis and hearth diseases. Such a disease is extremely rare: there are about 70 known cases all around the world, five of whom in Italy. And one of them is Sammy Basso.

Sammy will participate to the special event organized by the Center for Compexity and Biosystems on October 5th, just after the Center's second workshop. The event will be focused on progeria — one of the Center's lines of research is investigating the mechanisms underlying physiological and pathological changes provoked by this disease — and will see the participation of two eminent speakers: Leslie Gordon, researcher and co-founder of The Progeria Research Foundation and Sammy himself, who will be interviewed by health journalist Roberta Villa.

Following the event, there will be a beneficence dinner with a lottery, to gather money to support the Italian association funded by Sammy's parents. The dinner will take place at Motosplash, via Gardone 22, Milan.

published on 9/19/2016