Second workshop
of CC&B

October, 5 2016
Sala Crociera Alta
Via Festa del Perdono 7
— Milano

The Second Workshop of CC&B will take place 5 October at Sala Crociera Alta, Via Festa del Perdono 7 University of Milan. This year the workshop will be followed by a special session on progeria, with the participation of the Progeria Foundation and Sammy Basso.

The Workshop is open to everybody and free but it is necessary to register in advance.

Please send an email to :
with the subject: registration to CC&B workshop
before 30 September 2016.


  • 9.00 Registration
  • 10.00Stefano Zapperi (CC&B)
    Welcome and Report of the first year of CC&B
  • 10.15Alessandro Vespignani (Northeastern University, Boston USA)
    Complex systems and computational epidemiology: More than forecast
  • 10.45Caterina La Porta (UniMi)
    Complexity in Biology
  • 11.15Guido Tiana (UniMi)
    Getting more from NMR data: the conformational ensemble of antitumoral peptidomimetics
  • 11.45Mario Rasetti (ISI Foundation Turin / New York)
    Topological Data Analysis: beyond complex networks
  • 12.15 Discussion
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.30Francesc Font, Zoe Budrikis, Giulio Costantini, Corrado Monti
    Presentations by young scientists
  • 15.30 Coffee break
  • → What is Progeria?
  • 16.00Caterina La Porta(CC&B)
    Welcome and brief introduction of CC&B and Progeria
  • 16.00Leslie Gordon(Medical Director Progeria Foundation, USA)
    Progeria Foundation and its global role
  • 16.30 Interview to Sammy Basso
    Luca Carra (Scienza in Rete)
  • 17.30 Conclusions
published on 8/26/2016