Third workshop
of CC&B

October, 9 2017
Sala Napoleonica
Via Sant’Antonio 12
— Milano

The Third Workshop of CC&B will take place 9 October at Sala Napoleonica, Via Sant'Antonio 12 University of Milan.

The Workshop is open to everybody and free but it is necessary to register in advance.

Please send an email to :
with the subject: registration to CC&B workshop
before 5 October 2017.


  • 9.30Stefano Zapperi (CC&B)
    Welcome and Report 2016-2017
  • 10.00Ira Skvortsova (Innsbruck Medical University, Austria)
    Radiation resistance and cancer stem cells
  • 12.30 Coffee break
  • 11.00Caterina La Porta (CC&B)
    Complexity in Biology
  • 11.30Roberto Guerra(CC&B)
    Tastes of graphitic nanomaterials under the lens of MD simulations
  • 12.00Sebastiano Vigna(CC&B)
    Rank monotonicity in centrality measures
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00Aldo Ferrari (ETH Zurich)
    Nanoengineered materials for the study of epithelial sheet dynamics
  • 14.30Daniela Paolotti(ISI Foundation)
    Participatory surveillance for forecasting the flu in Europe: the ten-year experience of Influenzanet
  • 15.00Michele Bellone(Zadig, Milan)
    How is it to be a Young reseacher in Italy?
  • Young CC&B researches
    15.30 Francesc Font
    15.45 Maria Fumagalli
    16.00 Silvia Bonfanti
    16.15 Ezequiel Ferrero
    16.30 Cinzia Ferrario
    16.45 Daniel Rayneau-Kirkhope
    17.00 Zoe Budrikis
  • 17:15 — 17.30Stefano Zapperi(CC&B)
    Conclusion and future directions
published on 9/13/2017