Fourth CC&B Workshop

October, 2 2018
Sala Crociera Alta
Via Festa del Perdono, 7
— Università degli Studi di Milano

The Fourth Workshop of CC&B will take place 2 October at Sala Crociera Alta, Via Festa del Perdono 7, University of Milan.

The Workshop is open to everybody and free but it is necessary to register in advance.

Please send an email to :
with the subject: registration to CC&B workshop
before 26 September 2018.


  • 9.30Registration
  • 10.00Greetings
    Elio Franzini / Rector of the University of Milan and
    Maria Pia Abbracchio / Vice Rector of the University of Milan
  • 10.15Welcome, CC&B Report 2017-2018
    Caterina La Porta / CC&B
  • 10.30Modularity and search in organizations
    Luigi Marengo / Luiss University Roma
  • 11.00Aging as immune disease
    Mario Clerici / DEPT, University of Milan
  • 11.30The complexity of drug metabolism: from experimental data to in silico models
    Alessandro Pedretti / DISFARM, University of Milan
  • 12.00Towards a science of the new
    Vittorio Loreto / Sony Computer Science Lab, Paris
  • 12.30Lunch
  • 14.00Neural networks: from shape to dynamics (and back)
    Giovanni Naldi / CC&B
  • 14.30The impact of intra- and inter-regional knowledge collaboration and technological variety on the knowledge productivity of European regions
    Luigi Orsi, Andrea Ganzaroli, Luciano Pilotti / ESP, University of Milan
  • 15.00Topological Data Analysis as an instrument to disclose structural elements in complex networks
    Alessandra Micheletti / CC&B
  • 15.30Polarity transmission: from the cytoskeleton to the nucleus
    Paolo Maiuri / IFOM
  • 16.00Modelling the complexity of biological systems at an atomistic level
    Ivano Eberini / DISFEB, University of Milan
  • 16.30Perspectives for 2019
    Stefano Zapperi / CC&B
  • 17.00Coffee and greetings
published on 9/13/2018