Climate variability and change in Italy in the last two centuries

October 3, 2017
h. 12.30
Room BS

Via Celoria 26 —Milano

Maurizio Maugeri
Department of Environmental Science and Policy
Università degli Studi di Milano

Italy had a very relevant role in the development of meteorological observations that is documented by the invention of some of the most important meteorological instruments and by the development of the first network of meteorological stations. Therefore, a heritage of meteorological data of enormous value has been accumulated in Italy over the last centuries. 

These data have been recovered and analysed in a 20-year research initiative developed by Milan University and by CNR-ISAC.  The presentation will summarize the main steps of this research initiative highlighting its contribution to a better knowledge of past climate variability and change over Italy and to a better understanding of the underlying causes.

published on 9/1/2017