CC&B Workshop @LMU: Complexity in Materials and Biosystems

December, 2 2019
IBZ Munich
Amalienstrasse 38
Munich, Germany

The Fifth Workshop of CC&B will take place 2 December at IBZ Munich, Amalienstrasse 38, Munich, Germany.

The Workshop is open to everybody and free but it is necessary to register in advance.

Please send an email to :
with the subject: registration to CC&B workshop
before 1 December 2019.

The Workshop is supported by SFB1032 nano agents.


  • 9.15Introduction
    C. La Porta/S. Zapperi/E. Frey CC&B/LMU
  • 09:45FAU Criticality and localization in hierarchical models of the brain
    Paolo Moretti
  • 10:00Imaging with light through tissue: diffusion, scattering and DOT
    Giovanni Naldi CC&B
  • 10:30How can proteins take derivatives?
    Manon Wigbers LMU
  • 10:45Coffee break
  • 11:15Non-equilibrium self-assembly
    Florian Gartner LMU
  • 11:30Molecular mechanisms of heterogeneous oligomerization of huntingtin proteins
    Silvia Bonfanti CC&B
  • 11:45Metamaterial architecture from a self-shaping carnivorous plant
    Maria Chiara Lionetti CC&B
  • 12:00Failure of hierarchical structures under load: From networks to materials
    Michael Zaiser FAU
  • 12:30Rise and growth of critical instabilities in systems under shear
    Roberto Guerra CC&B
  • 12:45Lunch
  • 14:15Collective cell movement in confinement
    Hernán Lopez-Schier HZ
  • 14:30Cell motility and shape on soft elastic substrates
    Andriy Goychuk LMU
  • 14:45Confined cell migration - a dynamical systems perspective
    David Brückner LMU
  • 15:00Active matter: unjamming of active rotators
    Linda Ravazzano CC&B
  • 15:15Active matter systems can exhibit coexisting patterns of competing symmetries
    Timo Krüger LMU
  • 15:30LMU Active contractile gels in soft frames
    Johannes Flommersfeld
  • 15:45Coffee break
  • 16:15Impact of circRNAs on miRNA-mediated circuits and effects on melanoma plasticity
    Maria Rita Fumagalli CC&B
  • 16:30Learning the non-equilibrium dynamics of Brownian movies
    Federico Gnesotto LMU
  • 16:45A mechanistic view of collective filament motion in active nematic network
    Isabella Graf LMU
  • 17:00Machnine learning for mechanical metamaterials
    Francesc Font Clos CC&B
  • 17:15Extracting the degree of order in the bacterial chromosome using statistical physics
    Joris Messelink LMU
  • 17:30Phase-space geometry of mass-conserving reaction–diffusion systems
    Fridtjof Brauns LMU
  • 17.45Membrane sculpting by motor proteins
    Laeschkir Würthner LMU
  • 18.00Circle Microswimmers in Crowded Media
    Oleksandr Chepizhko/Innsbruck
published on 11/19/2019